Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chatuchak Market also sells cute!

We all know that JAMES is the cutest but I had to share photos from a recent trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. This is one of the largest outdoor markets in the world with a large section dedicated to "Pets and Accessories." What is in this section but all sorts of cute, fuzzy things for sale including:


But also perhaps more amazingly is that you can buy a baby bunny already dressed in a cute little outfit. Bunnies! With Clothes!!

I am amazed at the cuteness.


dale-harriet said...

And you didn't bring James back a present? You don't think he'd love a puppy? (I bet he'd love a bunny....yummm!) Looks like you had a great time, Paul - could we lure you over for supper, the price being a play-by-play?

dale-harriet said...

Dear James: we like looking at the puppies and bunnies. But we like looking at YOU MORE! So please to tell your Maman and Papa that we would much admire seeing YOU. Just sayin'.

Evangeline & Lilliane, your feline friends (at a distance)